The Rich Jerk Scam – You Have to See this

So Is The Rich Jerk Full of Crap(  Is he a Scam Artist? The mouth on this guy reminds me of Donald Trump…


Awesome Private Equine Farmville farm Easily obtainable in Northwest GA.

Nortwest Georgia Horse Farm For Sale – Great Deal

  • 2+/- acre stocked pond and a year round creek
  • The 3500+/- square foot house is built of large native rock (walls are 1.5+/- ft thick)
  • 60+ Acres of tillable soil with few cultivating limitations
  • 3500+/- square foot Equine Barn with living quarters
  • 40×60 foot Hay Barn
  • The owner also states that they have baled 2500 square bales and 350 round bales off of two of the pastures
  • Unique wine cellar

This specific Quite distinctive little bit of property Is Minuites via The downtown area Italian capital Ga. The primary property developed regarding massive natural stone. Gorgeous see on the entry veranda and sunsets are generally amazing while investigating ones cows, goats, race horses or even sheep herds grazing the actual pastures. Amazing Equine Barn and also a filled 2-acre fish-pond. With all the main dirt kind being silty loam, there are in essence simply no limits from what your tillable a large plot may be used pertaining to. You should notice this particular property or home to essentially understand their elegance!

Northwest Georgia Land Market Strong According to Local Expert


KENNESAW, GA.– Local real estate pro Chris Cain is a die-hard outdoorsman and blends his passion for land and wildlife with a career in land sales.

Cain specializes in Southern hunting, farm and timberland and says that unfortunately, landowners sometimes don’t understand the outdoor opportunities that add value to property.

“Northwest Georgia has lots of opportunities for sportsmen,” said Cain. A lot of landowners don’t realize the true market value of their property when outdoor recreational opportunities are involved.”

Tracts with wooded, tillable or CRP acreage, pasture and water make for prime habitat for wildlife. In many cases, properties in the region can help pay for themselves because of the returns from farming and timber. Farmland has long been a solid long-term investment and a recovering housing market has increased the demand for quality timber.

Cain’s expertise in Georgia land comes from working as a Land Specialist for Whitetail Properties Real Estate – the industry leaders in hunting, ranch and farm land.

According to Cain, world-class hunting for white-tailed deer, waterfowl, upland birds, wild hogs and fishing attracts outdoor enthusiasts and investors from inside and outside Georgia’s borders, and from metro areas within reasonable driving distance.

“The time is right to market land as a hunting and recreational property,” said Cain. “As a national company operating in more than 20 states, we offer exposure to a nationwide network of outdoor enthusiasts and land investors – many of whom are already considering owning property in Northwest Georgia”

To contact Whitetail Properties Land Specialist Chris Cain call 404.804.4628 or visit his agent page at

About Whitetail Properties:

Founded in 2007, Whitetail Properties Real Estate has exploded into North America’s top place to buy and sell recreational hunting, ranch and farm land. This fact was cemented last year with more than $420 million in sales and being named one of “America’s Best Brokerages” by The Land Report. Whitetail Properties has expanded operations into 20 states and counting, enlisting a staff of hard working, knowledgeable and passionate Land Specialists. The team currently averages nearly two properties sold every day throughout the year.

Whitetail Properties reaches more than 31 million households with Whitetail Properties TV, an award–winning show on The Sportsman Channel that showcases the benefits of owning recreational real estate.

To browse prime hunting and farmland currently for sale or to contact a Whitetail Properties( may also be of interest) Land Specialist, visit


Contact Whitetail Properties Real Estate LLC:

Chris Cain
121 S. Madison St.
Pittsfield, IL 62363


[WARNING] DeAndre Johnson Punches a Woman in a Bar

FSU QB  DeAndre Johnson Punches a Woman in a Bar!  LIVE FOOTAGE

Is Ray Higdon a Fraud or Scammer?

Dear Ray Higdon Fan, 

Some time ago, around 3 years back or somewhere in the vicinity – I met this fellow who had a tribal tattoo on his arm, and wore the shiniest platinum suit I've EVER seen. I thought he was really great. 


He's a very fruitful speaker, blogger, and podcaster. His suits are somewhat more extravagant, and a considerable measure less sparkling. 

That fellows name is Ray Higdon. (You've likely known about him) 

In those days? 

His distinction and fortunes were exploding. (furthermore, have been doing as such from that point forward) 

He's made millions in the most recent couple of years alone and I have been exceptionally blessed to become more acquainted with him over this time. 

Amazingly through all the riches, and the greater part of the master fanboys and fangirls he's obtained – he's stayed staggeringly humble through it all. 

He's not even a little Kanye-esque. (alright, perhaps a touch) ;) 

Presently, back to when I initially met Ray.. 

I contemplate 3 years prior now, that Ray first saw me talk in front of an audience interestingly at No Excuses Summit at the MGM Grand in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. 

It was in May. It was this precise week, 3 years back – indeed. 

With just 3 minutes to talk.. 

Despite everything I figured out how to get something like 300 select ins to my email list from my discussion. 

Evidently individuals thought it was really great. 

Not terrible for a 3 moment gig, isn't that so? 

One of the people who selected into my rundown? 

Indeed, it was noneother than Ray Higdon himself. I was fed, without a doubt. 

Beam let me know, he'd selected in on the grounds that "You're sharp as damnation, and I need to gain from you." 

"Woah," I pondered internally. #MostlyHumble


Fast forward three years later..

I am returning from a self-imposed-sabbatical from all things work-related. I'm back with a purpose.

I'm here to help as many people as possible find financial freedom, just like I have.

I want everyone to have the choice.

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I want you to have the CHOICE.

The choice between whether you want to work 16 hours / day, or whether you want to take sabbaticals and just focus on life, your wife, your kids or your hobbies for a little while.

I want you to have this choice – not because you're dependant on someone else.

I want you to have this choice due to total independance.

I want you to have this independance simply because you will soon have the ability to generate so much darned income – that nobody can dictate what you can or cannot do any longer.


  • No more bosses
  • No more fake rules.
  • No more bullsh*t.


Fair enough?

For those who follow my simple recommendations, and apply even just a tiny portion of what is laid before you..

You will be closer to comfortably, freely, and happily saying "I have a choice."

You may even find yourself 'all the way there'. Wherever 'there' is for you.

The very destination you've had your eye on now for the longest time..

It's finally yours for the taking. Will you reach out and grab it?

Why am I so confident in your newfound freedom?

Ray is releasing a new training that he has spent years personally making.

His team has spent months creating this exact training word-for-word.

They've spent weeks editing and painstakingly perfecting everything.

He's covered every detail. There is simply no stone left unturned.

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Frank Kern Scam





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Keyword Research: 6-Point Checklist

Here is an excellent video which really simplifies understanding how to do keyword research.  I found this from a testimonial:

Dude, hope you don't mind me calling you dude. Two things: First, I love that you are from GA and "speak southern". I'm in NC and feel like I'm the only one on YouTube with a southern accent! :) Two, you have SO simplified keyword research for me.  I've been teetering with it and as someone who teaches how to use WordPress SEO and keywords is a big component and felt like I still wasn't getting it. I get it now! It really is so simple and so many people are making it seem super hard. Thank you

Inspiring Photo Blogs for Photography Lovers

Photo blogs are easy to set up and maintain. Moreover, they make awesome photo galleries for photographers which are put off by the complexity of installing CMS or HTML coding. Today I’d like to showcase a list of truly inspiring photo blogs for photography lovers. Here’s a little of everything: fashion, landscapes, portraits, and street photography. So, let’s get inspired!


1) Design Aglow


2) Many




3) Frame Not Included



4) Photo_Blogs


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Selfie Stick Review

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Pretty cool huh?

GoPro – Floating Extension Pole